Queen of Chilliwack - Route 7



Trip: Route 7 Via Route 3

Date: November 23rd 2007

Objective of Trip: To ride the Queen of Chilliwack



My Buddy Dan and I decided to take a trip up to Earls Cove to see the Queen of Chilliwack in action.  We left on Friday after work and after missing the 5:30 sailing from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale on the Queen of Surrey by like 4 cars we went to Trolls in the Village.  We then caught the 7:25 and drove straight to Earls Cove.  Once we got there we watched the last sailing of the Queen of Chilliwack.  The tide was so low they had to use the old ramp as the new one doesnt go down far enough.  They got everyone on including on 18 wheeler, except a couple of low-rider 18 wheelers.  So we talked to the attendant and the truckers that got left behind for a wile and then prepped to go to sleep in my truck.



I had brought an extension chord and plugged my truck into an outlet in the terminal because my truck has a 120V heater in the cab so we slept in the seats and were nice and warm all night long. It got to the point were we opened the windows in the middle of the night, but we didn't dare unplug the heater.  The next morning I slept through the first sailing and then woke up to see her come the second time.



We then cooked breakfast and cleaned up the truck.  When she came the third time that day we walked on her and went for a ride. 


I took over 300 pictures of her, my buddy thought that the old carpet and reclining chairs were the best part of the trip.  It turned out to be a very nice day on Jervis inlet.


As the boat came close to Saltery Bay I got a few Pictures of the Queen of Tsawwassen, who was probably docked there for the last time. (I'm eating those words now)



When we got to Saltery Bay we went to the back of the boat to avoid being found.  To our luck the service crew came out and all started smoking and they though we had gone nuts when we told them we weren't getting off and were going back to Earls Cove.  They told us to pay the cashier in the Galley.  Dan bought a big nasty chili dog and then we laughed at the carving with the fast cats in the hallway and the cups that kept on falling over as people tried to eat.  When we got back to Earls cove and I took a few last pictures and the we headed for Langdale.



This trip turned out to be quite fun and I got a ton of pictures of the Chilliwack for my model.