Queen of Chilliwack - Discovery Coast


Trip: Route 40 Port Hardy to, Bella Bella, Shearwater, Klemtu, Ocean Falls, Bella Coola

Date: August 9th to 12th 2008

Objective of Trip: To ride the Queen of Chilliwack for 3 days straight.


DAY 4:

The final day of our trip we had planned to get up and take pictures of the Wack out in the harbor but by the time we woke up she was already in the berth.  Then by the time we got out of the bed she was gone.

So we headed into town and got some breakfast at a little diner like place.  After that we made the long trek back to Nanaimo.  I had to put a little gas in the truck in Sayward Junction(16.95$)  Then I filled up in Campbell River again(71.82$)We ended up getting on the Alberni's 5:45pm sailing (75.95$)and had to wait at Duke Point for almost an hour and a half because we just missed the Coastal Inspiration.

Meet the ultimate in boring sailings.  After spending 3 days on the Wack I had no interest in spending time on the Alberni.  I got a burger(9.95$) and then we started to walk around.  We were pretty darn bored and then we ran into Mikey.  This was kind of a chance meeting and it turned out to be really nice.  We would have died of boredom if we hadn't of seen him.  So we talked ferries and told stories from our trip and then when I had to give my hat back to Donella I almost cried. 

We parted ways as we neared Tsawwassen.  Donella walked off to catch the ferry to Victoria, Mikey met up with his folks and I went home.


That about sums up our trip.



Just a few notes


Here is a basic breakdown of costs:


Food 84.76$
Gas 239.88$

- Food cost doesn't include random Pie cravings, Beers, and a couple of other random meals while driving to and from Port Hardy.


-A lot of Donellas photos can be found here: