Queen of Chilliwack - Discovery Coast


Trip: Route 40 Port Hardy to, Bella Bella, Shearwater, Klemtu, Ocean Falls, Bella Coola

Date: August 9th to 12th 2008

Objective of Trip: To ride the Queen of Chilliwack for 3 days straight.


DAY 3:

At some point in the night we stopped at Ocean Falls along Dean Channel.  I was planning on getting up and taking a peak, but I don't even recall hearing the announcement so that didn't happen.  I don't think if I had heard the announcement if I would have gotten up anyways.

I awoke the next morning to the sounds of Bella Coola.  I got up and had breakfast(12.58$) and then walked around the ship looking at the water and mountains.


As I was walking around I heard people saying there was going to be a wedding on board the ship.  Then as I was walking around I saw the senior master was talking with some people about it.  Later wile we were still in port we saw the wedding taking place.  This guy is my Hero.




I am completely envious of this guy, not only did he get married in khakis and a white shirt, but he got to do it on the Queen of Chilliwack.  I just wish I could find myself a woman like that.  Any takers.

The story with the wedding is that the pair met in the Hakai Recreation Area 20 or so years ago and spent the summer "rolling in the hay".  Then when the fan was over they went their separate ways got married and divorced.  Then one day they ran into each other and the "hay rolling" pursued.  She had always wanted to get married by a captain, so it was arranged and it was pretty cool.

After the wedding was finished the minister guy, cant remember what he is called booked it off the ship and then we set sail down Burke Channel.  This leg of the trip I found was extremely beautiful.  The mountains rise so high over the water, the channel is so narrow, and the water so colorful.  This combination makes for a disastrously beautiful landscape.

We sat outside watched the scenery and got many wildlife shows including Pacific White Sided Dolphins, Humpback Whales, Eagles, and a small bird.  we followed the whales as they popped up all the way down Burke Channel and into Fitz Hugh Sound.


Another amazing sight were the glaciers in the valleys of King Island.

A picture of myself.

Just before lunch the cooks presented a wedding cake to the newly married couple and I got a piece, it was pretty good.  Then they preformed a wet launch and were off on their honeymoon with their family in the Hakai Recreation Area.



After the wet launch a retarded bird flew from shore and landed on the ship.  I got some interesting pictures.


Then it was back to business and we got some lunch (9.63$).  The ship was chasing a few whales out of Burke Channel and every time they would surface the bridge crew would make an announcement and everyone ran in that direction to take a look.

We then headed out into Smith Sound.  This was really cool.  We hit some pretty large swells.  I saw one guy throw up and another run of to the can.  I found it to be really cool.  Although after a while my knees really started to hurt. (I have bad knees)  It was amazing the punishment she was taking, when she rolled into the waves the broke over the bow wings and spray came up on to the passenger deck.  At some times the entire wing was underwater skimming just under the surface.  I now understand why the ship has the second watertight door in the bow.  I scored a couple of video clips that show the conditions quite well.  I asked a couple of people who regularly take route 40 and they said that they have seen much worse.


After we were out of the swells we got a group photo with a bunch of crew on break.

As I can remember we have Nancy, Ian, Donella, Brett, Katy, Greg, Sean, Nicole, Officer, Carmen.

As we neared Port Hardy I got one good picture of Donella and Carl together and yes that is the bouquet from the wedding.  Pretty much every person on board thought we were "together".  We had to keep on correcting people and explaining why I live in Chilliwack and Donella lives in Victoria.

When we finally got into Port Hardy we drove over to the Hardy Bay Park and took some pictures which ended up looking like 4 year olds finger painting on black card.  We then headed to a Bar in town to get something to eat, and drink of course.  Then it was back to the Hardy Bay Park where we caught the Chilliwack leave the terminal to go anchor in the harbor so the Northern Adventure could come in and do her business.  Yet we didn't want to stay up long enough to see the Northern Adventure come in.  So it was off to sleep.