Queen of Chilliwack - Deas Pacific Marine


Trip: Tour of the Queen of Chilliwack at Deas Pacific Marine

Date: October 3rd 2007

Objective of Trip: To see the Queen of Chilliwack for the first time


I got in contact with the Head of trades over at Deas Pacific Marine one day after about 30 different calls to various BC Ferries places and offices, including the Port Hardy Terminal by accident.  He graciously set up a time for me to come out and have a tour of her, but as fate would have it he had a last minute meeting that morning.  He set me up with another guy whose name/position I cant remember, who took me thought the ship.  Of course this led to some interesting discussions regarding RAD operation and its ability to be controlled using R/C components.

The Queen of Chilliwack as I entered the compound.

The RAD rotating mechanism.  because the ship has a covered car deck they cant just lift the RADs out with a big crane they have to lift them a little and then rotate them out of the hole, so they had to build this contraption to do the job.

Bridge Control Wing.




Bridge Wing looking towards No. 1 End.

No. 1 End from upper deck.

No. 2 End Mast.