Trip: Circlepac starting from Tsawwassen, including a trip on the Mill Bay

Date: December 4th to 5th 2010

Objective of Trip: To ride the Queen of Chilliwack


Day 2:

   The next day we got up around 0915 and made our way to Tim Hortons where we got breakfast.  After that we found an empty parking lot and Nick taught me to drive his standard truck.  I only stalled it about 5 times at first and then maybe another 5 or so as I cruised around some back roads and on the way to Saltery Bay to catch the 1120 sailing of the Island Sky.

The Island Sky cruises through the beautiful Jervis Inlet

The Bridge of the Island Sky

Jervis Inlet

   The Islands Sky had a 30% car load I would guess and there were few people on board.  It was a beautiful clear crisp morning as we sailed through the inlet over to Earls Cove; I think route 7 is my favorite run on the south coast.  We poked around the Island Sky and were trying to figure out if a vessel this size would do for route 17.  We asked for a trip up to the bridge, and the steward phoned up, but the guys upstairs said no.  Ohh well, try again some other day.  We cruised down the sunshine coast to Langlade to grab the Queen of Surreyís 1430 sailing.  While we were on board I had the idea to drive up to Darrell bay and take a peek at the Queen of Vancouver.

The Queen of Surrey Approaches Langdale Terminal


   We ended up running up the Sea to Sky Highway and we did get a couple of shots of the Queen of Vancouver, but between the very far distance between us and her and my crappy telephoto lens we didnít get a very good shot.  When we got to North Vancouver we switched again, and I took another try at the standard transmission.  The traffic was a lot heavier than I thought it would be so I got a lot of practice with hill starts and all kinds of shifting.  I now even more donít understand peopleís fixation with standard transmissions, why would you want to have to think about shifting, RPM, hill starts and that evil clutch as well as focus on the road when half the work can be done by the computer!  That trip sure made me appreciate the automatic transmissions in my trucks.  Iíll have to remember to visit the grave of Lucius Phelps and say thanks.

   I got that truck over the second narrows bridge, though Vancouver, Richmond and then into Tsawassen and only stalled it like 40,000 times.  When we got to Tsawassen I found a parking ticket on my dash.  I figured I had put in the wrong stall number, but after frantically searching for my receipt I found it and realized I was OK and they had screwed up.  I then bought Nick a hot dog in exchange for what I did to his clutch.  We said our goodbyes and then I Jumped in my truck with a wonderful automatic transmission and drove home; Nick caught the 1900 sailing of the SOBC back to Sidney.

  It turned out to be a great trip, with beautiful weather for December; it was a bit chilly at times though.  A new camera is defiantly on the books, I think I will wait until boxing day and see if Future Shop has a great deal on Canon 60Dís otherwise Iím hoping for late January for one.