1) Fiberglass

The very first steps of a positive balsa wood plug to the completion of a negative fiberglass mould.  Then the creation of two hull halves to be joined at the center.

2) Hull Finishing

Taking the Fiberglass hull and adding details such as the keels, rubbing strakes, decks, stabilizer fins and through hull RAD mounts.

3) Engine Room

The electronics and mechanical requirements of a fully scale RC model like this is are very demanding and time consuming to assemble.  This one gets quite technical.

4) Right Angle Drives

The pride and joy of the model.  I have designed, built and installed my very own RAD system.  Take a look at the design and Machining of the outboard portion of the RAD units.

5) First Open Water tests

The first open water tests should be held in late May of 2009.

6) Superstructure - Car Deck

The Superstructure will be constructed in two major portions the first one that will include the hull, car deck, and main passenger deck exterior areas / focsle.

7) Superstructure - Main passenger deck and up

The Superstructure will be constructed in two major portions the second being the main passenger deck cabin and up.  This portion will be removable to allow access to the interior of the hull.

8) Scale details

This includes the railings, life raft lockers, cranes, benches and masts etc.

9) First refit

No model/ship is ever complete without changes made from afterthoughts or issues that come up once completed.